2. Mee Goreng on Flickr.

  3. LeCoq on Flickr.

    The best roast chicken in London.

  4. Oriental Dragon on Flickr.

    Gong Bao chicken and fried tofu with wood ear fingus and pork.
    By all accounts, superb.

  5. AMG V12 on Flickr.

    Listening to Cannonball Adderley’s Somethin’ Else.

  6. A. Cooke’s on Flickr.

    "Pie, Mash and Eels".
    Loadsa white pepper, salt and vinegar; absolutely mandatory.
    £8 well spent.

    NB Steve Jones said “fish ‘n’ chips wasn’t our thing” here.

  7. A. Cooke’s on Flickr.

  8. What Norbs and I are listening to… #11 on Flickr.

    “They tell us that
    We lost our tails, evolving up
    From little snails
    I say it’s all, just wind in sails

    Are we not men?
    We are Devo
    Are we not men?
    D E V O”

    #mad, #spectacularlymad

  9. Super System on Flickr.