2. Nottingham Analogue Dais Turntable
    Reed 3P 12” Ebony Tonearm
    Lyra Kleos Cartridge

  3. Cello Audio Suite on Flickr.

    If God wanted a preamplifier, this would be it.

  4. Moroccan Fish Stall on Flickr.

    Sea Bass and Prawns

  5. Spoiled For Choice on Flickr.

    Since I’m in a mood for T. Rex’s Electric Warrior I’ll plump for the Air Tight.

  6. Hi-Fi on Flickr.

  7. Air Tight PC-1 Supreme on Flickr.

    8K GBP.

  8. The MasterGroove on Flickr.

    One of the best phono stages around at 10K GBP.

  9. 40 grand’s worth of Teutonic vinyl playback sources. on Flickr.

    The breakdown:

    Brinkmann La Grange 2 Arm Turntable (no longer made)- S/H value c.6K GBP (originally 12K GBP new)
    Brinkmann 10.5 Tonearm- 3.9K GBP
    Brinkmann EMT-ti Phono Cartridge- 2.5K GBP
    Brinkmann RoNt II Vlave PSU- 2.9K GBP

    Breuer Type 7 Tonearm (no longer made and one of only 10 made)- S/H value c.8K GBP
    Brinkmann EMT-ti Phono Cartridge- 2.5K GBP

    AMG Turntable Viella with 12” 12J2 tonearm and solid cherry surround- 12.5K GBP
    Benz Micro LPS- 2.5K GBP

    NB Both Brinkmann and AMG hail from Germany and whereas, Breuer and Benz Micro are both Swiss.