1. What Norbs and I are listening to… #7 on Flickr.

    "You know she thrills me with all her charms,
    When I’m wrapped up in my baby’s arms,
    My little angel gives me everything,
    I know someday that she’ll wear my ring.

    So don’t bother me cause I got no time,
    I’m on my way to see that girl of mine,
    Nothin’ else matters in this whole wide world,
    When you’re in love with a jersey girl,
    Sing sha la la la la la la.”

  3. Tooth Decay Time on Flickr.

  4. The West House on Flickr.

    Graham Garrett

  7. Lupita Central on Flickr.

    Tacos Gobernador

  8. Lupita Central on Flickr.


  9. Wonton Noodles on Flickr.

  10. Dead Needles on Flickr.